Wired slammers

British made slammers

Our wired slammer buzzer systems, proudly designed by a British engineer, are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. They can be easily integrated with various quiz game computer software that accept numeric values from 1 to 0.

Popular quiz game software like Crowd Control Games and Quizxpress are compatible with our wired buzzer systems. When players buzz in, the system automatically locks out all other players, ensuring fair gameplay. The players' names are displayed on your computer screen and can be projected for easy viewing by the audience and participants.

To enhance the quiz experience,  audio and game show sound effects. can be amplified using the HDMI connection or earphone jack.

We offer a generous two-year warranty against manufacturing defects when the buzzer systems are used under normal conditions for game shows. Please note that our wired buzzers does not feature illuminated buttons when slammed.

With our reliable wired buzzer systems, you can create engaging and interactive quiz games with ease, and provide an immersive experience for both participants and spectators.

wired buzzer system4 player wired buzzers

Quiz Show

Description of software by Crowd Control Games

This is more than just trivia questions, this is QUIZ SHOW!

Up to 10 players (or teams) can buzz in to answer. Features: Import/export questions, customize the logo, built in sound effects and animations. This is the easiest way to turn your next game night into a TV game show.

Wired Version 2

Our wired 60mm buzzers are available in 4, 6, and 10 player systems, providing flexibility based on your needs. Please note that the software used in the video below is QuizXpress, which is compatible with Windows operating systems only.

If you are using a Mac and seeking compatible software, we recommend exploring the options provided by Crowd Control Games. They offer a variety of Mac-compatible software solutions that work with our buzzers.

If purchasing QuizXpress, we recommend requesting the version without mobile support, as it is not required when using the wired buzzers. This version will meet your needs without any time limitations, please do check with quizxpress.

wired buzzer game systems wired buzzer game systems wired buzzer game systems wired buzzer game systems
wired buzzer game systems

Windows and Mac compatible

Slam Buzzer System, comes with USB interface box, 1.8 meter USB cable, 10 x 100 mm Big Dome Slam Buzzers and 5 meter leads which connect from your USB interface box to your buzzers. Compatible with Windows operating systems.

  • Plug your USB interface box into your PC

  • Set your questions.

  • Hook up to a TV or projector, amplifier the sound effects using your sound system.

  • Start your TV style quiz show.

  • No drivers to download.

  • Windows 11, 10,  8,  7

  • Macs

  • Buzzer button dimension 98mm (D)

  • Total buzzer button dimensions 103mm * 150mm* 98mm

  • USB interface box dimensions 103mm * 150mm * 58mm

  • Buzzer cable length 5 meters

  • Power USB 1.8 meters

Software being used with the wired buzzers in this video is quizxpress

2 Year warranty

Our wired slammers are available in 2, 4, 6, and 10 player options, providing flexibility for different quiz game setups. The buzzer cables connecting the buzzers to the interface box are 5 meters or 16 feet in length, offering ample reach for players. Additionally, the USB cable connecting the interface box to the computer is 1.8 meters or 5 feet long.

One of the key advantages of our wired buzzers is their robustness. Players can slam the buzzers as hard and fast as they like without worrying about damaging them. We have received positive feedback from numerous customers over the years, highlighting the durability and reliability of our wired buzzers.