SL101 Student response clickers

Our wired slammer buzzer systems, proudly designed by a British engineer, are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. They can be easily integrated with various quiz game computer software that accept numeric values from 1 to 0.

Popular quiz game software like Crowd Control Games and Quizxpress are compatible with our wired buzzer systems. When players buzz in, the system automatically locks out all other players, ensuring fair gameplay. The players' names are displayed on your computer screen and can be projected for easy viewing by the audience and participants.

To enhance the quiz experience,  audio and game show sound effects. can be amplified using the HDMI connection or earphone jack.

We offer a generous two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. With our reliable wired buzzer systems, you can create engaging and interactive quiz games with ease, and provide an immersive experience for both participants and spectators.