Wireless dome buzzers
Wireless & wired classroom lockout buzzer systems using quiz-master, crowd control games software and izimix. Classroom clickers systems use quizmaster which is integrated with PowerPoint and is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit. Standalone version no computer required. Our lockout buzzers and respone clicker systems are being used around the world for staff training, classrooms, universities, wedding events, company party planners and corporate event planners. When player's buzz in, locks out all but the first player to buzz in first. Your player’s names are displayed on your computer and projected for viewing by audience.
Wireless dome buzzers

Wireless mini lockout buzzers

All new Octobuzzy big brother, the affordable 8 player wireless standalone lockout mini buzzer system with all bells and whistles.Lockout wireless mini buzzers all controlled  by the wireless host remote. LCD display shows which player buzzed in first, continue if a player is incorrect this then locks out the player. Buzzers have 3 status lights . 
Wireless cubes

Standalone Cubes

Stand alone wireless cube buzzers requires no computer. 15cm cube buzzer feature the new judge voting feature as well as the standard buzzer with lockout. Stand alone cube buzzers have three buzz sounds, three status lights:Green(start light), Blue (buzz in light) ,Red(locked out light) Size: 15cm*15cm*15cm Lock Cubes are rechargeable adapter included  battery life 6 hours.  Cubes are wireless and come with a host remote maximum distance 30 meters-98 feet 
Wireless dome buzzers

Wireless dome slammers 

Lockout  wireless dome slammers have the main slammer on top and the A, B, C, D buttons for your multiple choice questions, 3 buzzer sounds and 3 status lights. The dome buzzers can be used with both standalone version no computer, or you can choose the software version. Buzzers can also be used with crowd control games.  Maximum distance 30 meters-98 feet
Students response clickers

Affordable IR response clickers 

Classroom response system, or audience response system. Teacher poses a multiple-choice question to his or her students.Each student submits his or her answer to the question using their handheld transmitter often called keypads or clickers that sendsa  signal to a receiver attached to the teacher's computer. Supports paper exam, oral exam and quiz, multiple choice questions, finger rush button questions, response bar questions. Supports export and print of results by class, student, groups or activity.