20cm wireless cube buzzers

 IR response clickers

IR response systems supports upto 100 clickers. Software is integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint and compatible with both 32 and 64-bit. Transmission and receiving of clickers, host remote and USB receiver is 30 meters-98 feet and a receiving angle of 280 degrees. How to use the clickers, the host poses a multiple-choice question via an overhead projector or TV the host controls the software using the host remote, backwards, forwards, showing charts, scoreboard  etc. Key functions multiple choice questions,  rush questions, response bar questions. IR clickers come with quizmaster for 32bit office and Q10 software which is compatible with both 32-64bit office.


Multiple choice questions using IR clickers and galaxy wristbands


USB receiver

USB receiver

  • Patent IR technology

  • Color: Transparent 

  • Weight: 0.4 Kg

  • Size ( L x W x H ):137*137*50mm

  • Operating Temperature: 0-40 degree

  • Power required: USB

  • Receiving angle: 280 degree

  • Receiving distance: 30 meters-98 feet

  • Receiver, Quizmaster, Q10 software $190

Host remote


  • LED status

  • Transmission distance: > 30 meters

  • Transmission angle: 280 degree

  • Laser indicator build-in

  • Controls, Present slides, backwards, forwards, showing charts and next quiz question.

  • Over 1-year battery life for normal use

  • Receiving distance: 30 meters-98 feet

  • Host remote $35

Pillar buzzers

IR Clicker

  • A,B,C,D,E,F multiple choice buttons, rush button

  • 2 x AAA batteries (Battery life 2 years)

  • Speed: 1 second for 100 clickers

  • Supports 100 clickers: LED status: red

  • Transmission distance: > 30 meters- 98 feet transmission angle: 280 degree

  • Durable and virtually impossible break.

  • Student remote $10  


Q10 is compatible with all office versions, also compatible with windows 7, 8, 10 and 11



Quiz-master and Q-10 is a very powerful built-in PowerPoint software, which is used as an educational tool or as game show software. When you purchase any our of systems you will receive both quiz-master and Q-10 software. Quiz-master can be installed on as many PC'S as you require. IR clickers include a receiver, quiz host remote, carry case and software. Software is integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint. Quiz-master can be installed on as many PC'S as you require. IR clickers include a receiver, quiz host controller, carry case and software. Supports Self-Paced response, supports paper exam, supports oral exam and quiz, supports multiple choice questions, supports response bar questions, supports export and print of results by class, student, groups or activity. See more


Standard exam program,  A to E mulitple choice questions


Response bar questions in real time or after the teacher presses the show button on the remote, can also be used for voting.