wireless scoreboard cube buzzers

Stand-alone wireless 12.5cm scoreboard cubes

Wireless cube lockout buzzers.  Supports a maximum 50 buzzers. Comes with a twelve button quiz master remote A, B, C, D buttons for multiple choice questions. Built in single digit scoreboard. Each cube buzzer has three buzz in sounds and three coloured lights. You can also mute the audio so the buzzers will flash when your players buzz in. Designed with the player and the host in mind. Hassle free, very easy to use and extremely fun to play. Wireless distance 30 meters-98 feet

User Guide


host remote


  •  LCD display 2.4GHz digital RF technology 

  • 2.4GHz digital RF technology

  • Power required: two AAA batteries

  • Transmission distance: > 30 meters- 98 feet

  • Transmission angle: 360 degrees

  • Dimension: 49 *104 *15mm

  • Support 1-50 buzzers

  • Host remote $199   

cube buzzer game systems

12.5cm Scoreboard cubes

  •  Scoreboard build-in (single digit 0-9)

  • Three buzzer sounds (buzzed in, correct, incorrect)

  • Three status lights:Green(start), White(buzzed in), Red (stop or locked out)

  • A, B, C, D multiple choice questions

  • ID programmable

  • Batteries: Two Size D

  • Size:12.5cm*12.5cm*12.5cm

  • Receiving range: 30 meters-98 feet

  • Scoreboard cube $120