wireless cube buzzers

Stand-alone wireless 20cm cubes

The Standalone Cube Buzzers, an interactive solution for quiz shows and competitions. These cube buzzers are designed to enhance the excitement and engagement of your events. Each cube buzzer features three buzz sounds, allowing you to create a dynamic and diverse experience for your participants. The different sounds used to indicate different types of responses or stages of the game, adding an extra layer of excitement and variety to your quiz show.  The cube buzzers are equipped with three status lights. The Green light signifies the start of a question or round, providing a clear visual cue for participants. The Blue light indicates when a participant has successfully buzzed in, ensuring fair competition and accurate response tracking. The Red light is used to indicate when a participant has been locked out or when it's time to stop and move on to the next question or round.



  • LED status,LCD display

  • 2.4GHz digital RF technology

  • Power required: two AAA 1.5 volt batteries

  • Transmission distance: > 30 meters-98 feet

  • Transmission angle: 360 degrees

  • Control games procession

  • Dimension: 49 *104 *15mm

  • Support 1-50 buzzers

  • Host remote $169    

cube buzzer game systems

20cm cube buzzer

  • Size: 20cm*20cm*20cm;

  • Wireless and cordless

  • Three buzzer sounds

  • Three lights Active, buzzed in, locked out

  • Standard buzzer function

  • New voting function

  • Receiving range: 30 meters-98 feet

  • Pressed time precision: 1 ms

  • Material: Very Robust Natural Polyethylene

  • Battery Life: 6 hours

  • Compatible with all countries plug type and voltage

  • Rechargeable cube buzzer & adapter $145