Smart tables

Smart tables

With our wireless cordless tables and cubes you can extend and synchronize your buzzer game show effect. Very easy to setup, simply turn on your table with your buzzer and your done. When buzzers are active your buzzers will illuminate green as well as your table, when a player has buzzed in the players table will illuminate flashing  blue the other players tables and buzzers will illuminate red (locked out). Wireless cordless illuminated tables are compatible with the standalone version and quiz-master and third party software crowd control games.
Smart tables


  • Wireless and cordless

  • 3 lights ( Red: stop; Green: start; Blue: buzzed in first)

  • Rechargeable lasts for over 6 hours

  • Compatible with all countries plug type and voltage

  • No installation buzzers and tables come linked, simply activate the buzzers and tables using the host remote and start your quiz.
    Can be used outdoor or indoors

  • Dimensions 58*110

  • Material Robust Polyethylene