SL101 RF students response clickers 

The SL101 RF wireless response system is designed to support up to 120 clickers. It features integrated software that seamlessly works with Microsoft PowerPoint and is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office. The system allows for transmission and receiving of clicker responses, as well as remote control of the presentation, through a USB receiver. The wireless range for the system is at least 30 meters (98 feet) in a typical environment, considering obstacles such as walls. However, in a clear open space, the range extends up to 50 meters (164 feet). The system ensures a receiving angle of 360 degrees, allowing participants to respond from any direction.

In terms of functionality, the SL101 software offers a comprehensive set of question types. It includes a total of seven question types, namely single choice, multiple choice, yes or no, score, poll, vote, and life-line. These question types cater to various interactive needs, enabling presenters to engage their audience effectively during presentations or events.

SL101 RF Wireless Student Response Clickers

SL101 Specifications

USB receiver

USB receiver

  • Lightweight and convenient, with built-in operation and connection status indicators

  • Fast data collection speed, high accuracy and good reliability

  • 2.4GHz digital RF technology, 6 radios channels

  • Power required:  USB standard 5V power 

  • Receiving angle: 360 degrees

  • Receiving distance: no less than 30 meters 98 feet, open space 50 meters-164 feet

  • Color: White

  • Weight: 0.4 Kg

  • Dimensions L*W*H 138mm×138mm×38mm

  • RF USB receiver and software $75

Host remote

Teachers remote

  •  Light weight, stylish appearance

  • Ultra-fast response

  • LCD display, ID, Battery, Signal, Instructions

  • Transmission distance: > no less than 30 meters -98 feet, open space 50 meters -164 feet

  • Transmission angle: 360 degrees

  • Controls, Present slides, backwards, forwards,  and next quiz question.

  • A-D key, judgment keys, interactive game key

  • Over 12-18 months battery life 

  • Receiving distance: no less than 30  meters-98 feet, open space 50 meters-164 feet

  • Battery 2xAAA  batteries not included

  • Dimensions L*W*H 114mm×46mm×23mm

  • Host remote $45

RF clickers

RF student clicker

  • Full numeric keypad 0-9, A,B,C,D,E,F multiple choice buttons, Send, Fn, Clear, On/Off, Yes-No, Ab, FN, 

  • Speed: 1 second for 120 clickers

  •  LCD Displays information such as student number or name, time, signal status, battery status, question number and answer status

  • Transmission distance:  no less than 30 meters-98 feet, open space 50 meters - 164 feet, transmission angle: 360 degrees

  • 3xCR2025  batteries (Battery life 1 year) batteries included

  • Dimension L*W*H 95.5mm×55.5mm×5.5mm

  • Student remote $15 

SL101 Student Response Clickers

SL101 Student response clickers

SL101 Software

  • On each quiz slide, the teacher has the ability to configure the question type and preset features using the presetting panel. The countdown timer can be set in seconds, and it will be displayed on the slide to indicate the remaining time for answering the question.

  • The answering range option settings allow the teacher to select the number of options available for the question. For example, if the question has four options (ABCD), the option value should be set to 4. Similarly, if the question has six options (ABCDEF), the option value should be set to 6.

  • The correct answer can be set to automatically determine whether the students' answers are correct or incorrect. This feature helps in providing immediate feedback to the students based on their responses.

  • Points and minus points can be assigned to each question in the quiz. The point setting range is from 0 to 100, while minus points range from 0 to 5. This functionality is available for single choice, multiple choice, and yes or no questions, allowing the teacher to assign different weights to each question.

  • Charts can be generated based on the students' responses. There are two groups of options available: one for selecting the output statistical chart types, such as bar diagrams and pie charts, and the other for choosing between numeric and percentage representations.

  • The "Print" feature enables the printing of all details of the students' answers, organized by class. This allows for easy review and analysis of the students' performance in the quiz.

  • Download the software