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Lockout wireless buzzers and clickers using quiz-master, easy to use easy to learn, comes with a quiz-master remote. Supports 1 to 100 wireless buzzers working with quiz-master software, IR clickers support a maximum of 100 clickers. Buzzers also supports third party software  crowd control games. Buzzers have  Buzz in audio and three coloured lights. Dome buzzers come with the main slammer and A, B, C, D buttons for multiple choice questions. Cubes also have the  buzz in audio and three coloured lights, for the pillars no buzz in audio, however you do have the buzz in audio from the software. Quiz-master is a PowerPoint build-in software that is compatible with both 32-64 bit Office.
Wireless domes, cubes and pillars are also compatible Crowd Control Games

RGB domes, cubes, domes and pillars are compatible with izimix,  crowd control games count down, quiz show, blinko, one punch, speed trivia, eliminator, crowd trivia, take a chance, buzzer, fire water ice, game show scoreboard, 8 color buzzer, crowd ball, mega golf, versus and speed survey and game show presenter. Slam software is compatible with RGB domes only,

Cubes 15cm

Stand alone cube buzzers have buzz in audio three status lights: Green (start), Blue (buzzed in) ,Red (stop or locked out)

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RGB Domes

The 303 RGB buzzers support slam, izimix, crowd control games, countdown, quiz-show, speed trivia, eliminator, crowd-trivia, scoreboard, 8-color-buzzer. 

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Supports 100 dome buzzers. Buzzers have buzz in audio, three lights. A, B, C, D buttons for multiple choice questions and you monster flashing slammer on to

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RF student clickers
Wireless IR clickers (version 117)

IR response clickers support 100 clickers. Multiple choice questions, rush questions, A, B, C, D, E, F and the finger buzzer button, response bar and more. IR clickers have a 30 meter range, 

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RF student clickers
Wireless RF clickers (version 317)

RF response clickers support 2000 clickers. Multiple choice questions, rush questions, response bar, A, B, C, D, E, F and the finger buzzer button. and more  RF clickers have a 400 meter range, 

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Quiz-master using buzzers


Buzzers using crowd control games

Quiz-master response bar

Quiz-master and galaxy

Buzzers using game show presenter