20cm wireless cube buzzers

Quiz-master wireless pillars

Three status lights: (Red: stop/wrong answer, Green: start/correct, White: First to buzz in ) Wireless and cordless. Can be used outdoor and indoor. One buzzer, one unique ID, Lock-out function, ID programmable,  rechargeable battery, battery life: 6 hours. Supports up to 100 pillar buzzers. Height 123cm. Wireless range is 60 meters. Compatible with all countries plug type and voltage. Pillar buzzers are also compatible with crowd control games.


USB receiver

USB receiver

  • 2.4GHz digital RF technology, 4 radios channels

  • Color: black

  • Weight: 0.4 Kg

  • Size ( L x W x H ):137*137*50mm

  • Operating Temperature: 0-40 degree

  • Power required: USB

  • Receiving angle: 360 degree

  • Receiving distance: 100 meters

  • Receiver, software & keystroke  $220

Pillar buzzers

Pillar buzzer

  • Size: 37cm*34cm*123cm;

  • Packing size for 4 pillars: 37cm*37cm*147cm

  • Material: PE

  • Receiving range: 60 m

  • Rechargeable battery, battery life: 6 hours

  • Compatible with all countries plug type and voltage

  • Rechargeable pillar buzzer & adapter $280

Host remote


  • LED status

  • Transmission distance: > 100 meters

  • Transmission angle: 360 degree

  • Laser indicator build-in

  • Controls, Present slides, backwards, forwards, showing charts and next quiz question.

  • Over 1-year battery life for normal use

  • Receiving distance: 100 meters

  • Host remote $35

Host remote


Quiz-master and Q-10 is a very powerful built-in PowerPoint software, which is used as an educational tool or as game show software. When you purchase any our of systems you will receive both quiz-master, Q-10 software and the keystroke for crowd control games.

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