Wired Octobuzzy

Wired Octobuzzy

Wired affordable Octobuzzy, stand-alone lockout buzzer game system for oral quizzes, interactive 'ice-breaker' guaranteed to liven up any event. Buzzers light up, buzz in audio and lockout feature. Here's what you get, 8 LED buzzers, 3 meter buzzer cables, Octobuzzy master control unit with player buzz in LED display. Perfect for any small event, in the classroom, kids parties, meetings, exam preparation, sales meetings or friends and family gettogethers.
✔Increased Attendance and retention ✔Active participation ✔Increases Knowledge ✔ Tracking Individual Responses ✔Confirms understanding ✔Immediate feedback ✔Creates a fun loving learning environment


Control unit


  • Diameter 5CM, height 3CM

  • Buzzers powered by control unit

  • Buzzer light

  • Buzzer sound

  • Connection cable: 3 meters

control unit

Control unit

  • Size: 12cmX12cmX12cm;
    Material: ABS

  • LED Display

  • Supports up to 8 buzzers

  • 4 buttons: Power ON/OFF, Start, Continue and Mute

  • Batteries: 2* AA batteries

  • Battery life: 20-50 hours