iZiMiX slam software

 With the 303S buzzers,  SLAM controls the reading of people hits on the buzzers, playing and refereeing is easier. Scoring is automatic and done with the timer in the available time, who can hit more or who can remember more pair colours,  or find the correct combination.  8 game modes to choose from, these are  Bam, Bam 2p, Erazor, Erazor 2p, Simon, Memory, Mr Mind, and Oxo.

Setting up

Plug the receiver into your USB port first, then open the 'config' to set the buzzers' ID or other options you want.

Open the second screen,and choose the mode you would like to  play on the control board.

After the host clicks the start button on the board, then the players can do their best to challenge their opponent.


Teacher Sawittree's first time playing simon 😂😂😀

iZiMiX slam set-up 

  • For each team, you can edit the name and the colour

  • Many parameters can be modified from the setting window. You can, for example, change the number of connected buzzers, set the colour of the displayed text.

  • You can choose whether games start with buzz, if choosen, that means players can start the next round with the slam of any buzzer, there is no need to click the 'start' button on the control board.

  • After any change of HF setting is made make sure you click 'CONNECT' to confirm, then save then you can start the game with new settings.

iZiMiX slam games 

  • 1. Bam! 1 player (up to 64 buzzers) follow the light and hit the lit target in allowed time, the more you hit the more you win.

  • 2.Bam 2P!2 players (up to 2*32 buzzers),follow the light and hit the lit target in allowed time, the more you hit the more you win.

  • 3.Erazor 1 player (up to 64 buzzers), in allowed time, you must turn off as many lights as you can.

  • 4.Erazor 2P 2 players (up to 2 x 32 buzzers), in allowed time, you must turn off as many lights as you can.

  • 5.Simon 1 player (4 up to 10 buzzers), try to reproduce the sequence, the biggest sequence wins. 

  • 6.EMemory 1 player (4 up to 20 buzzers), Look and find the colour pairs as quickly as possible

  • 7.Mr Mind 1 player (up to 64buzzers), Turn on the buzzers in the correct order,  In red: this is not the right place. In green: it's good! 1 player: up to 64 buzzers

  • 8.Oxo ! 2 players -9 buzzers or 16 buzzers, The classic noughts and crosses,  one line = 1 point,  It's up to you to score the most in the allowed time. Get 3 lights or 4 lights in a row to score in allowed time biggest score wins. 

IZiMiX slam RGB domes

IZiMiX slam domes 303's version

The 303's domes version with iZiMiX slam software come in a 4, 6, 8 and 10 player if you require more you can drop us an email The dome buzzers have the main slammer on top and the A, B, C, D buttons for multiple choice questions. The 303's dome buzzers are also compatible with crowd control games by using the keystroke software.  The 303's domes come in a rechargeable version and battery version on request.  The rechargarbale version battery life is 8 hours. the battery version requires 2 x type D batteries in each buzzer. Battery life is 4-6 hours (Size D Alkaline batteries)

  • Dome 303's buzzer battery version $170 each

  • Dome 303's buzzer rechargeable version $230 each

  • USB receiver Receiver $280

  • Host remote $40

  • iZmiX slam $299

  • Keystroke software to get your buzzers working with crowd control games $40