With Galaxy your quiz events will be more visual more interactive more fun! Galaxy is used in combination with wireless buzzers and clickers. Galaxy shows who has answered and who hasn't, was an answer correct or incorrect galaxy shows all. Galaxy uses quiz-master software and is compatible with all quiz-master buzzers and clickers. Customers who have purchased buzzers or clickers previously can add Galaxy products to their clickers or buzzers. Equipment required, Galaxy base receiver, quiz-master 32bit and your choice of wristbands or lanyards. 


USB receiver

Galaxy wristbands . 

  • 2.4G radio frequency technology 

  • Transparent band size: 110*21mm(two pieces)
    Light part size: 46*37*17mm
    Weight: 30g

  • Material: ABS + PC
    128 Color: Red, green, blue… (Pure color has a better results)

  • Brightness level: 3, high, middle and low

  • Battery life: 8 hours

  • Batteries: built in lithium battery rechargeable  

  • Recharge time: 3 hours

  • Sleep mode

  • Wristbands $24

Host remote

Galaxy lanyards

  • 2.4G radio frequency technology

  • Attached to clickers

  • Size: 4.5cm*100cm

  • Weight: 40g (includes batteries)

  • Materiel: ABS + ribbon

  • 128 Colors: Red, green, blue… (support RGB)

  • Brightness level: 3, high, middle and low

  • Battery life: 8 hours

  • Batteries: rechargeable

  • Recharge time: 3 hours
    Sleep mode

  • Interactive games

  • Lanyard $24

Host remote

Galaxy mp receiver

  • Galaxy base MP version

  • Each MP base station can support 1024 Galaxy light devices

  • Each MP base transmit distance(radius) > 60 meters (196 feet)

  • Receiver  $250

Galaxy hp receiver

  • Galaxy base HP version 

  • Each HP base station can support 3840 Galaxy light devices 

  • Each HP base transmit distance (radius) > 150 meters (492 feet)

  • Receiver  $350